DIY Reindeer Ornament Kit with Chipotle Wine Idahoan Spice Grinder


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Reindeer Ornament Kit with Chipotle Wine Idahoan!


This package includes 1 Reindeer Ornament kit and 1 4oz Spice Grinder filled with Molly’s Idahoan Blend made with Potter’s Wine Chipotle Sea Salt.

Reindeer Kit:

-Each deer takes one full cork for the body and one half cork for the face.

-Corks not included (half the fun is collecting your own corks!)
-These shapes are made of MDF or plywood and will have scorching on the backside from the machine I use to cut them out. This can easily be sanded off or stain/painted over.
-Hot glue seems to be the easiest way to assemble them.
-Brads or pins work well to attach a ribbon to make an ornament (ribbon not included).


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